Looking for new 06

Do any of you know where I can find a new 06 YZF450? I live in upstate NY but, would like to buy out of state.(prices are too high) Thanks!!

Simi Valley Cycles

Located In Simi Valley Ca.



You can get them for 5700 OTD

I bought one at Andrews cycles in Salem, Ohio about a week ago for $4999 OTD. At that time they had 1 blue one left and 1 yellow one left. I drove down from Michigan because the prices were to high up here. The prices varied all over the place when I was checking around.

I like that price.Thanks, I'll give them a call. It would be worth the 5hr trip to pick it up.

I think the dealer here in NJ has one. It is about 25 minutes north of Philadelphia. I need to go there tomorrow so I'll look and see if it's an 06 or 07. If you get anxious the number there is 609-267-2123. ask for Bill in sales.

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