Starting tips for the light and vertically challenged

I just bought an 07 and took my first ride today. Love the bike but I am only 5'7" tall and weigh 150 pounds so starting is difficult cuz not only is the kickstarter kind of high for me to get the leverage to kick it but I dont have a whole lot of weight to push it down.

Anyone had this problem?:cheers:

Would it be possible to take the kickstarter off and rotate it back on the spline a few notches to lower the height of the starting position?

Or is there an aftermarket lever that is shorter?

Any help would be appreciated.


The light and verically chalenged

43, I don't think moving the position of the kick lever would solve anything and most likely would be unnecessary. When you are getting ready to start the bike, just don't let the kick rise all the way to the top. It will let you start your leg stroke lower in the lever rotation. As far as trying to find a shorter lever, you're definitely going in the wrong direction. If you shorten the lever, you will increase the amount of force needed to turn the motor over (a.k.a. leverage). Think of it in terms of trying to loosen a rusty nut. If you use a long breaker bar and socket vs. a regular ratchet, you are able to apply more force with less effort. Get what I'm saying? On the 426's, there is a blue wire mod that lets the ignition give a stronger spark helping the bike start easier. I don't know if there is the same mod for the 450's or not. Hope this helps a little. Congrats on the new ride. :cheers:

Stretch regularly and eat more?

You may want to think about lowering the bike. I rode with another TT member with an 06 CRF450 that is your height. He sent all of his suspension off (Factory Connection???) and had it shortened a couple of inches. He claims that the bike still handles well on the track and in the woods. This will allow you to get the angle you need on the kickstarter and retain the leverage that it requires to kick turn the motor over.

Surprised you are having trouble kicking it over. Mine takes little force. In fact I have started it by hand a few times.

As a long time vertically challenged rider, correct spring rates help but, mostly I have to find something to stand on giving me a few more inches (dirt clod, rock etc) or get the tires in a rut and me stand on level ground.

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