(non-bike specific) Maxxis 6006 markings, please

I just took delivery of a new set of Maxxis M6006's (for my 650R):

- 90/90-21

- 130/80-18

(For now I am not going to mention the internet vendor I bought them from, unless they fail to make this right!!). Here's my problem: if I go to the Maxxis-US website they show that the M6006 comes in various sizes, but all sizes carry an "S" speed rating. I specifically selected the M6006 because it gets good reviews and carried an S rating, meaning it is certified to a max of 112 mph.

When my tires arrived this afternoon and I opened the packing to inspect them I was surprised--and irritated--to see that the sidewalls are makerd "66P", not "66S" as shown on Maxxis website. What gives??!! (The "66" number is the numerical Load rating, I am not concerned about that.)

I contacted the vendor (not Maxxis) and they plead ignorance, but insist they shipped the tires I ordered. My argument back to them is Maxxis does not manufacture a "P" rated M6006, so are the tires they shipped me manufacture-discontinued?

If one of you guys are currently running the M6006 would you please check your sidewall marking and tell me what your marking is, "P" or "S" or what, and when did you buy yours?

I am also going to contact Maxxis-US tomorrow to try to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks in advance.

I just went and took a new one off the shelf to check, it's a 65P. I went to the book and looked it up for break down. The 65 and 66 are load ratings, 639 and 661. The tires are P rated whick is 94 MPH. The tires in stock are less than three weeks in stock.

Thanks for the info.

I just emailed Maxxis-US, asking them to explain why their website lists ALL M6006's as having an "S" speed rating. Too weird.

Thanks again for your help.

The "s" and "p" ratings are for sustained speed (more than 5 min) im not sure about you but the "p" would work for any occasion u should have(barring the salt flats). I would'nt worry about the difference, It was probaly a misprint. jmo:thumbsup:

Thanks for all the feedback and input guys, much appreciated!!:cheers:

I just talked to Maxxis-US sales. They acknowledge that they make M6006 tires in both "S" and "P" ratings, but that their website is in error, showing only an "S" rated M6006's. Their bad. They also said that the vast majority of their US retailers only sell the "P" rated M6006. Uhuh.

I also got a call from Maxxis R&D. Nice guy, he confirms what I already knew, and what you guys have stated here: the "P" rating is only rated for speed to 94 mph.

I agree that 94 mph would normally cover any "sane" riding that a guy would do on a 650R. Call me anal, but if my bike will top-out at ~110 mph with its current state of tune and gearing, then I would like to have tires that are rated for that speed. "Just in case." Whether or not I ever take it all the way up to 110 is academic, at least for me.

Hitting the ton is rediculously easy on a 650R, just takes a few seconds. I've done it many times (in no-traffic, interstate conditions). Sooner or later I will put my cajones in a little cajones helmet and keep the throttle open until it bumps the rev-limiter. For that I need "S" rated tires.

Just like my name ("InternalCombustion") suggests, I'm a gear-head, alright? Among other toys, I am blessed to have an '88 Z-51 Corvette. Though I have never had it over 130, I did not put H-rated or even V-rated tires on it. It's spec'd for 165 so it carries full Z/Y-rated tires (186). Just in case.

Maxxis R&D understands that 1) Maxxis-US screwed up, listing only "S" rated M6006's and 2) I'm having to pay for their mistake. R&D committed to try to sort out something and is supposed to call me back today.

My fingers are crossed and I'll post an update soon.

Keep after Maxxis and I think that you will get some kind of consideration from them. I have a Desert IT and it has an 'R' rating. Seems kind of strange that the DOT tire is rated lower.

For cars there are other reasons for getting higher speed rated tires. I have a Jag XJ6 and I though "Why am I buying 149mph V rated tires when I'll never go that fast." I asked a Jag fforum and the answer I got back was related to handling. The higher rated tires are stiffer and corner better than the lower rated tires. The same concern was also given for braking. I don't think that the same applies for a motorcycle tire on the dirt. Perhaps a greater speed rating trnaslates to a stiffer sidewall as my desert IT is a pretty stiff tire. It was sure hard to mount.

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