Is this a deal? And do I want a 600l

I've come across a 93' 600 - the guy want's 1100 bucks for it, but it's been for sale for quite some time so I'm hoping he'd take somewhere around 8-850 for it.....

However, I've got a few questions about the bike....first and foremost what are the major wear area's for these bikes.....suspension linkages, etc...I've only seen it looks like it's in good shape, but when I drive to see it I'm going to do a thorough inspection

And the most important question - I've rode a 250 pinger in the woods for quete some time, but recently blew my motor up for the only current bike I've got.....most my riding is trail loops (say 40 miles at a time) up north here in MI (so they're fire roads mixed in with tight tight trails), and sand dunes.....will this bike be eneough for the sand, and are they really that bad to ride while in tight trails? Obviously they're not ideal, but from what I've been reading most people say they're terrible in tight stuff....

I'm looking at this bike because eventually I'd like to supermoto something, and this is a cheap way to have something that could have a new set of wheels and tires slapped on it and be ridden on the street....

Well as for the price...........fair...........ridability...........good for all terrain. I would do thorough once over of the bike and motor. I would get compression check done, check the chain & sprockets, tires, suspension for leaks, clutch wear, how it runs, starts cold & hot. You know the basic general check list.

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