XR650L fork oil weight

Does anyone know what the stock fork oil weight is for a 2006 XR650L I want to go to a lighter weight oil and I can't find what is in it stock.

use 5w!!!

why 5W?

well I have my compression adjustment full soft and it is still harder than I want the compression to be. I don't know what the fluid level range is either, depending on what level is in there right now I guess I could lower it and it would help too. I thought the stock oil weight was 7 for a lot of the xrs and I thought 5 would be good but if it is 5 stock I will see if there is something lighter.

Im 160lbs and I put in 8w10, probally to heavy for what you want but works really sweet for me now!

I use ATF (about 17 weight) in my XR600, and have the oil level at max. The forks are very close to the 650L forks. I have my compression cranked up to help resist bottoming. It's harsher for most riding, but I take that if I can avoid the slam when it bottomes. I need it since I'm not a light weight rider at 260 or so. Some day I'll get the heavier springs that I need.

There is no adjustment on the rebound damping. The only thing you can do is change the oil weight. I'm pretty sure that the recommended oil SS-7 is a 5 weight oil. I'm pretty sure that 2.5 weight fork oil is available.

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