03-on WR voltage regulator failure?

Who here with an 03-on WR without an aftermarket dual sport kit installed has had their stock voltage regulator fail? What was the symptom?

just ordered a regulator for my 04. bike would not charge the battery at all while riding. i always plug in the battery tender before a ride and i would get about 10 starts out of the battery, then it was kick for the rest of the day no matter how much or how fast i rode. this is with a fairly new battery. i think my regulator was crap since i bought the bike new, i just thought the charging system did'nt charge well trail riding. anyway, long story short, i tested it per manual and it is faulty. hope i have better luck with a new one. i did notice when i ordered it that the original part # was superceded by another # (hopefully better part). good luck!

My just started having problems and I am still troubleshooting. Here are some of the symptoms. The bike is an 03 and I trail ride hard about 2 - 4 times a month. The bike was sitting and fired up about once a month while recovering from a shoulder injury. This is when I noticed the battery dead.

1. I replaced battery and it killed new battery (.5 V and will not charge) on one trip after about a 2 hr ride in some tight rocky trail riding and several stalls and restarts with the easy button. I should have checked the charging current after replacing battery.

2. Cleaned all connectors on battery and charging system after finding small amounts of corrosion. I am now getting about 8+ volts at battery terminals but battery still less than 0.5V when disconnected (battery now appears damaged).

3. Measured charging coil resistance and approximately 900 mOhms. It should be a little less than 500 mOhms according to manual.

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