Oil filters, Scotts vs Ready Racing

Looking for information on what is the major differences, if any, between these two stainless filters?

Use the advanced search for posts by me, keyword Scotts.

In brief summary, The Scotts is the one they all claim to be "as good as", it's a standard size, so it fits with the stock cover, is proven over years of use to be extremely reliable and durable, and Scotts is certain enough of itself to publish very specific details about the product. IMO, there isn't enough difference in price to warrant passing over the industry standard for SS mesh filters to get a Ready.

Ive had my Scotts about a year now, and I wouldnt dream of going back to a paper filter or a substandard oil filter. Scotts is definatly the way to go.:cheers:

Thanks Stripes, I have read the threads, was looking more for a side by side type comparison info if it was available....

Was hoping Grayracer might have that knowledge..I can get the ready filter for 30% off so wanted to know if it was comparable to the scotts...

I don't have it because Ready won't give it. So, while we know that they claim it's the same Swiss medical mesh, we don't know how much i sused in each element, if it's a double welded seam, or a number of other things. I can tell you that they came into that market with the intention of selling an ostensibly like product for significantly less money. They can only do that if they make a lot less on each unit (you don't really believe that, do you?) or they have a way to make them for less, with everything that raises the possibility of. You just don't get the same thing for that much less.

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