IMS vs. Clarke vs. Acerbis '01 XR650R

where did you get the 6 gallon tank that fits a 650L.? I looked all over the place and cant find them?

I ride a 650R, which is what that Acerbis is made for. Don't know if they make them for the L.

Thanks to this post I think I've decided on the Clarke. I have one question though, does a white tank stain like the natural tanks do?

Just a note, I just ordered the IMS 4.6 gallon through Baja Designs. They have them on sale right now for the 650r for $165.00

I have a 4.6 gal. IMS tank. Just took a 125 miler last week... never hit reserve. Don't really care to. Mine is red but as long as there is daylight you can still see your fuel level without a problem. I did have to do a little shaving on one of the radiator shrouds.



I have a 01 XR650R. I went with Clark/4.3 . It works great. Bolted right up. Just the right amount of gas. Only problem so for was the gasket for cap.:)

For my 2001 XR650R

Searched around, and found some information, but I need a little more.

Looking at an after market tank, which works best? I plan to go with the red, and would like it to match the OEM color. I will be running a Scott's Damper, probably. Any clearance issues?

What range are you averaging with a 4.3 gal?

I have considered the seven gal behemoth from acerbis, though it looks too wide for my tastes. Though extra fuel is good, but adds weight. Yes I know you can run it low, so why not a smaller tank?

I've had natural colored tanks before, but I'm not racing so no need to check level, on the fly.

Pictures would be great!!!

Anxious to find out what the BRP heads are using, and what works.


How narrow is the IMS 4.6 compared to the 3.2 or the stocker?

i have a clarke 4.3 and a a scotts damper that uses the oil fill mount. the tank does interfere with the mount just enough to be a pain in the ass. to change the oil i have to remove the tank.

This would not be true if you didn't use the Scott's with the oil fill mount would it?


This would not be true if you didn't use the Scott's with the oil fill mount would it?


That's odd. I have the Clarke (and did have an IMS before,) and the Scott's with the old oil-fill mount, and both tanks fit fine with little fuss. I had to put an extra hose clamp on the fuel line to keep it round, but that was no biggie.

I certainly don't have to take the tank off to check the oil. Just the #(@*$ stabilizer and mount!

I'm getting the front-mount once I can afford it.

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