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Been lurking here for a while and soaking up your obvious knowledge, Im over in the UK having swapped my KTM DUKE 2 for a WR450F 05 model.

The bikes spot on and to be honest is way more capable than I am.

I have carried out the first 1000km oil change today and I have a question.

The change went OK apart form one of those little O ring seals ( of which there are 3 ) on the oil filter case was a looking a bit worse for wear. I have measured it with my calipers and it seems to come out at 7mm ID X 2.4mm CS

Trouble is I cannot find anything like it on the net in the UK, There are few dealers around here and I am at work for the next week so will struggle to get some. and I was hoping to get it sorted As soon as possible.

Does anyone know the correct size I need so I can try to locate one.

PS: Bad news for us over here is that the Govt are closing ALL Public Offroading from January, :cheers: so I will putting some road tyres on after that and using it for commuting instead, such a waste of a great bike to be honest as I am having so much fun Offroad.


I go to the hardware store and match it up with o-rings.

Bad news for us over here is that the Govt are closing ALL Public Offroading from January

What the... ??? :cheers::p

(Welcome to TT!)

Yep indeed the Govt have announced that all local councils can close whatever roads they wish using a new bit of Legislation.

And my county ( North Yorkshire ) have announced that they are gonna close them all and then maybe just maybe open one or two up later in the year, which I can guarantee will be in the middle of nowhere or they will be so short and crap that no one will want to ride them anyway.

I do like the Supermoto idea however having sold my supermoto to get the WR I feel a bit annoyed at having to change again, The main reason for me going offroad was to avoid the lunaticcar drivers that are out to get me at every junction.

Anyway got myself some O rings not exact match but hopefully they will do the job,

Next part of myservice is to strip and re grease the swingarm and rear shock, then the wheels will come off to be checked and hopefully that will do for another 1000 km.

Welcome to the club, there is a wealth of info here, Hope you like youre stay.

[bad news for us over here is that the Govt are closing ALL Public Offroading from January/QUOTE]

That SUCKS! :p Sounds like it's time to move bradda! Anyway, welcome to TT!! :cheers:

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