Paid for Koubas out the door!! The rest (paid) on Friday!

Not sure that International Post will allow it to be dropped of by Santa, but it will certainly be a New Years resolution - fit Kouba Handle - that is one I know I will keep... not sure about lose weight, get fitter, be nicer to people, etc. etc. but will certainly fit the handle...



:) I always keep all my New Years Revolutions....... Honest!

Fitting the handle will be a definate though.

I'm looking forward to it already, just not sure when Santa will deliver it he he he! :D



After helping helmut, take the rest of the extra cash, go to the toy store and buy as many gifts as you can for the kids on the Christmas tree. You know, the ones who are in need. Or give it to someone who realy needs it at this time of year.

Anyone else mind?

Merry Christmas everyone, be safe


Andy Dav. 1 Kouba

Rangoria, New Zealand

Anthony Emp. 1

Waipahu, HI

Guy Pre. 1

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

David Ebs. 1

Bundaberg, Australia

John Cap 1


The Missle 1


Helmut Rit. "Red Rider" 1


:) STAR MAN Kevin! :D

Look forward to "Santa" droping it off for me! :D



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