WR400 Oil Change

Well Just did my first oil change (be gentle im new!) I could have sworn i need 2 quarts for a fill up but the guy at the shop told me one TOPS if not less then that. Needless to say i bought one, checked the dipstick (another question do u just insert the dip stick or screw it in to check the level) and it was not even registering. So how much oil DO i need ??? Thanks for answering such a newbie question.


If I remember right mine takes just over 1 1/2 quarts.

According to the manual for a 1998 WR400.

You must start the bike and let it idle for more than three minutes before checking the oil. Once warmed up you can check the oil by inserting the dipstick, do not screw it in.

This is what the manual calls for:

periodic oil change 1.5 ltr (1.32 Imp qt, 1.59 US qt)

with oil filter replacement 1.6 ltr (1.41 Imp qt, 1.69 US qt)

total amount 1.7 ltr (1.50 Imp qt, 1.80 US qt)

I go with the dipstick check for the correct fill.

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