650r-ticking noise

I have a 2000 650r Motarded. After a hard top speed run the top end started ticking bad the next day. First I replaced the cam chain tensioner, still ticking so I checked valves, adj. an still ticking! Ticking is in the top end. Should I be looking at the decompression? Would this be more like a bent valve or cracked spring? Bike still has all the power of before an doesn't smoke, but tail of muffler has a little black soot around it. Thanks guys!

How are the cam bearings? Do a compression check to eliminate bent valves.

Going to get tool. thanks

Your quite welcome!

Welcome to Thumpertalk, smrich......

If it still runs good, no valves are bent and I dought you have a cracked spring...

From what you said, the valve lash is right..so it must be chain or ...:cheers: ...


Low oil level? -> worn rockers/cam :cheers: Worn rockers make some ticking noise.

Look also for brass in the oilfilter/screen....

Intake rocker arm really worn! Exhaust ok. Have to check spec on all parts, but if the intake rocker arm is worn am I looking at valve bent or springs cracked or shot, or camshaft out of spec? Maybe just the rocker arm is bad?

Well at least you found the tick! Congrats!

Check your oil level often ,especialy with high speed/Sm riding .Look out for your big end !

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