Say it aint so "HondaXR650R"

:p You sold your Xr 650 R with like $4000 dollars in mods? Buddy, I understand that you bought a Blackbird so that takes care of your on road riding so what about your off road riding? I heard tell that you are thinking about the KLR 650. :bonk: You need to move up to a better bike one that can survive getting "TORE-UP!" Might I suggest a Honda XR 650 L :crazy: course you will probably have to buy a new one sence I wont sell you mine. :cheers: But I will help you with the mods.

How thoughtful. You should sell yours at outrageous price for all the mods to recoupe and buy a new 07'! I am just be a PITA! LOL! So who sold what where?

...:cheers: ...

Soooooo, english must be your 2nd language..... is Right

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