DangerRanger21's Project bike update...

Just thought i would show the 5 gallon MAN tank (heh) on there with the new drive/control setup.. Bike is about 83% complete ready to hit up the baja/cross country riding... the suspension should be in the mail by next week...



Kool looking bike!

looks good. you might want to replace the POS honda kill switch....

What is wrong with the stock kill switch? Do they make a over size one that will fit on 1 1/8 part of the bar?

The OEM Honda kill switches are great! Its the aftermarket copies that are crap.

Yah Im not to worried about the kill switch... Gets the job done...

That's a pretty slick master cylinder cover. Did you make that or buy it?


Custom made cover..

Nice work man!

Looks Sweet...:cheers:


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