'07 Radiator Brace test

Last Sunday I was riding the track (3rd time riding the new bike) thinking that this is the best bike ever, I got hit from behind on the landing of a jump. All the idiot could say was "I thought you saw me coming." They must have forgot to install the rear view mirror on my YZ.

As he went by after he hit me, I fell off the left side of my bike and my right arm got caught in he rear wheel. I have a severe tire burn on my forearm and a torn pectoral tendon/muscle that will require surgery this Monday.

I fell hard enought to actually bend the new Renthal Twinwall handlebars I had just put on. However, the radiators are still straight as an arrow! The left shroud is all beat up, but the rads are good.

What a great bike, too bad I'm out for the next 5-7 months. I would like to congratulate the guy that took me out for winning practice day.

Sorry to hear about the crash!

so did you have radiator braces?

It has the braces that come stock.

gotta love those practice day champs (they rank right up there with the pit area wheelie kings), they ride with the mentality that everyone should see them coming and get out of their way, too bad there isnt any lapper flaggers out there to let you know when they are coming. it's always good to see those guys go flying by then see them over shoot the berm, kind of makes you chuckle a bit. too bad his stupidity got you hurt. you wish it would've been the other way around,just doesn't hardly ever seem to work out that way though does it.

I wrecked today and slightly tweaked the right radiator on my 07.Not bad...I'll be able to straighten it myself.Good thing for the stock braces.I think i'll order some WC radiator cages or braces.

anyone know if the devol rad. braces will fit the 07, just for a little extra. Those radiators are over $250 each, atleast they were on my 06 YZ250. sorry to hear about the injury. You'll be back by spring though. hang in there.

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