426 Clicking Noise?

When I'm riding and giving the bike a decent ammount of gas the clicking stops, but if I'm idling or going very slow I can hear it.

It seems to be coming from the left side of the case.

The guy I got it from, and his mechanic, told me this about the noise:

It's a pin of some sort (I forget) that is associated with the clutch basket.

Aparently the pin has been replaced before, but from what this guy said, the torque of the engine shears the pin off after a few rides?

His mechanic said they went through the entire engine searching for this noise before they found it. He also said that it's not going to mess up the engine if I don't fix it. He just said it would be annoying but thats about it......and it is!

They gave me a box of parts that includes all kinds of clutch springs, the stock clutch basket a brand new left side case cover (the big one) and some other misc. parts!

I personally have never had to do clutch work before and I've never been interested in opening the bottom end at all really. The clutch works fine though, no slipping, no problems.

The closest I ever came to clutch work was watching a buddy put in a new stack of plates! :cheers:

I'm just wondering if I should tear into it and if I do...what am I looking for? Is clutch work simple? Does this even sound like a clutch problem? Has anyone else had this experience? :p

I could be wrong but here goes: You didn't mention the year. The pre-01' 426 did not have a splined shaft for the right side crank gear (the gear that engages the clutch basket), instead it had a smooth shaft and a key. Some people had problems with the key loosening up after some time, maybe breaking. This apparently made a clunking noise as the key got loose. I don't know if this is your problem, but I hope this helps. If you search here you'll find piles of information on the topic.

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