Woe Is Me !

Santa bought me lots of "good stiff" for christmas. Now I'm freezing my butt off in sub 0 (Centigrade that would be) temperatures trying to get my ride "ridable" again since stripping it of stock triple clamps etc and fitting my goodies. However its so bloody cold I wont be able to ride for at least 3 months the way things are going. Somebody cheer me up ! Anybody who mentions California or Mojave will be shot!

Oh yeah, I'm pretty bored right now so I thought I'd start a new thread !!

It's snowing here in New Hampshire, Missle.


Guess it's the season... :D

Mike68 has to be creamin' his shorts, though :D . He loves the snow.

:D Three Month's, man suddenly rainy old England doesn't seem so bad! :)

We normally try to get out for a snow ride...once a year, not for three months of it, the only hting we have given up on is riding when the ground is sooo hard, when you hit it, sparks fly LOL

That hurts when you fall off,

Sympathies Missile, sympathies


Originally posted by NH Kevin:

It's snowing here in New Hampshire, Missle.


Guess it's the season... :D

Mike68 has to be creamin' his shorts, though :D . He loves the snow.

Do you get a lot of snow in NH, Kevin, or just a dusting??

:) Missile, I 've just clicked where you are! I went thru Borex last year on my R1..... We stayed in France in Propiere and had a day trip over the pass(I'll dig it's name out) dropped in to Gex then turned up towards you in Borex, Man You will have lots of snow, it was cold up there in May let alone now in December! BRRR! :D:D

Hey, you're not alone... it's -15C here tonight and to make it worse, the sun is setting by 4:30. It might be 4 months before I can get my WR back into the mountains again. :) I live my winter month dirt-life vicariously through the friendly dudes on Thumpertalk.

I know you don't want to hear it, but..... I had an incredible day of riding here in Albuquerque. Perfect, sunny, hill climbing, dirt roosting day. Met some new riding buddies. At least you all might have a white Xmas.

I don't know when we'll be able to ride again in California........ :) . At least you don't have to worry about green stickers!


Na-Na-Ne-Na-na :D:D:)

Just got in from a ride today Here in sunny Cali____ 1st Time I've really been able to ride my 02 WR due to too much work....

Laugh at me for droping my 8mm socket this'll teach ya!!

Just kiddin...Have a wonderful Christmas :D


'00 in Calgary - you should add a sled to that toy-filled signature of yours. That way you can look forward to winter and four months of riding. If for some strange reason you don't like the idea of riding a snowmobile, check out the Snow Hawk at www.adbovin.com or do a search on "AD Bovin Snow Hawk". It's about as close as you can get to a dirt bike for the snow. I don't think you could hit the mountain powder fields with it, but it should be a blast on the trail or packed powder.

Originally posted by The Missile:

Santa bought me lots of "good stiff" for christmas. Now I'm freezing my butt off

Missile I really,really hope that you're talking about a "good stiff" drink or some such. I'd hate to think what other "good stiff" thing Santa might give you! :D Have a merry Christmas anyways - and try to keep your butt warm - no matter what Santa tries to give you! :D

Sorry - I just couldn't resist! :D:D:):D P.Z.

The sun is out and it's beautiful....supposed to be 58-60 this weekend...Strap on a turtle neck under the ol jersey and Roost on....

Merry Christmas....

Bonzai :)

Well I guess someone took pity on me because the sun came out..... so I got out yesterday in the near freezing conditions butt :) did get frozen and mostly shaken to death anyway. Plus I fouled a plug. Plus I kicked my bike a few times.

"good stiff" !!! :D

SoCalWR426 : CaliFORNICATION to you ! :D

Yamakaze : Turtleneck....hmmm now if I could just squeeze and extra layer under the 6 I'm aalready wearing :D

Guy, next time you are through this way drop in for T!

:) Missile, I'll bear it in mind next time we plan a Foriegn trip, You sure live in a beautiful part of the world, though I can well imagine what it is like at this time of year :D

I couldn't get over jusr how DAMN BIG those mountains are.....makes the highlands in Scotland look like foothills! :D

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