cheaper crankshaft bearings for 650L?


I'm rebuilding my 2000 650L and trying to replace as much as I can afford to while I'm in there. OEM crankshaft bearings are almost $70 a piece. I hate to blow $150 on bearings if I don't have to. Has anyone out there already done the foot work for finding cheaper (but still quality) ones? Thanks!

What is wrong with your crank bearings?

Actually, nothing's wrong with the bearings. The bike has 22,000 miles on it and I figure since I've got the engine split in half I should just replace them with freshies while It's 'convenient'. Am I overly paranoid about it?

Yup thats exactly what I'm doing to my 600R right now 21K on it. Better safe than sorry!

The big variable is if they are a standard size. I think one is a 6307 and the other a 6308. If they are standard, then you should be able to pick some up for a lot less than the Honda price. Try Service Honda or the Thumpertalk store. They will ony be $45 or $50 there. For non-OEM try a local bearing store. Most cities have one. They can find what you need. If I had to guess, I'd say that they can be found for $25 to $35 each.

These bearings run in motor oil. They will last a very long time. I think that the crank rod bearings will wear out long before those ball bearings. If you had 50,000 miles I could see replacing them. I doubt that there is much wear. It would suck to pay a lot and not need them.

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