Best XRL service manual???



Are there only two? Honda's (isn't that Helm?) and Clymer ?

Which is the best for a noob?

'07 XRL

The OEM Honda manuals for sure.

I prefer the Honda manual, however the Clymer manuals frequently have tips and explanations that are helpful, especially to a noob, so I have both manuals.

the clymer manual completely sucks. you have to dig thru many years of different models, and then you'll be lucky if you find what you need. a big waste of money.

+1 on the factory manual, it covers details & procedures the clymer and others don't describe in enough detail...


definately the honda manual. I got mine on disk from ebay for $15. Its great I just print the pages I need and dont have to worry about greasy fingerprints, or damaging a paper manual. Helm is a company that purchases marketing rights to the oem manuals, there great if you need automotive info that comes straight from manufacturer, but very pricey.

clymer sucks....isnt even worthy of starting a fire.

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