cold starting?

what would be the best way to cold start my '01 426? its got the decompression lever elimitating cam, and ive kicked it about 40 times on cold start and it will not fire at all... its about 35 degrees outside. any suggestions?

Try turning up the idle about 1/2 turn

See if there's any gas in it. Not like I'd know anything about that.:cheers:

Every year around this time these kind of posts seem to come up and every year I post the same information...Ready for it.

!!!!!STARTER JET!!!!!

There I said it. Thats all there really is to it. Granted you have to have the proper pilot and main in there as well. But the starter jet is the reason it wont start in cold weather. The choke circuit is running lean. The starter jet only affects carburation when the choke is on. Put in a bigger starter jet and it should be better.

But like 99% if the people out there this info will go vastly ignored and people will go on and continue to kick to there hearts content. Enjoy!

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