Just a couple questions on the 07

I have some questions that you may be able to help me out with. Last year I had a 06 RM-Z450 and I had a I-cat installed and this bike started so easy but I am not sure if the I-cat was the reason so my questions are.

1)How easy is the 07 on starting? Do I need an I-cat?

2)I weigh 175 to 180 pounds, Do I need to change the springs on the front and rear?

3)What about sub tanks for the front forks?

It starts really easily. For your weight, it's ready to go right out of the box.

Starts super easy, and i weigh 180, works great with stock springs

Springs should be ok and I doubt you will have any issues with the forks much less need sub tanks. Starts easily however our float level was slightly high from the factory, an I-cat will not help but a good carb setting will.

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