Yamakaze, Help!!

Hey Bill,

I need the number for Rocky Creek. Do you have it or know where to get it?


Mark, are you planning on going on the 6th? Bonzai????

If Marks going I'll go....I was planning on doing the mid month ride though. Figured there wouldn't be as many ATV's as on the 6th. If the weather is right I'm going to do Copperhead on the 30th....

Bonzai :)

Thanks, Bill.

Yeah, I was thinking about it depending on the weather. I just have soooo much fun when I go down there.

Dave, you up for it?

Mark, I am up for it if the weather is good. Hope you have a merry xmas & happy new year! I am definitely ready for the end of $%&^$@ 2001......so here's to 2002!

Okay, it sounds like a definite maybe! Let's just pray for good weather.

Happy holidays to you guys. May you find a nice new rear tire under your tree.....

Man Yesterday was awesome....My wife out of the blue asked me if I wanted to take Brian Riding and of course I jumped on it. Went out to Kentuck. It was very wet from all the rain on Sunday...But still plenty of traction. Rode from 1 to 6pm...It was a little chilly at 40 deg but we dressed for the chill.....Boy child found out rather quickly why he should stay out of the water in the winter time. The lower end had many puddles and by the time we finished the loops he was crying the blues that his feet were frozen. I needed more laughs so we did the (Jump) run next...Brian took more soil samples than an agreculture student. I laughed so hard my No-Fog Goggles Fogged......There was only about 4 bikes at the trail in total. My new Vector boots remained warm and dry for the whole event...I was impressed.

Hope you guy's have a merry christmas....

Bonzai :)

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