Rear shock really hot, is this normal?


My rear shock tends to get extremely hot after riding the bike for a while.

The last time I went riding, was with a friend - he was on a YZ250F, and I was on my WR450. It was about 55F outside, and we were riding on one of the local harescramble loops a week after the event, so being competitve, we were hauling through the woods.

When we got back to the truck, I was curious to see how his shock was doing, as mine was almsot too hot to touch. His was warm, maybe 85F, but not uncomfortable. Mine, you can't touch it for longer than 3 seconds.

The distance from the exhaust pipe on both bikes is about the same. Is this unusual? Or is it expected for the extra weight of the bike (and me? I'm 190, 40lbs heavier than him). Or is something wrong with my shock?



Yes it is normal and some extra heat is probably due to the extra supported mass.

There is a lot of heat generated in the shock and very little can be dissipated due to cramped surroundings - little airflow can get there.

Also the reservoir is very close to the exhaust so there will be additional heat transfer from the hot air off the pipe.

I dont think it affects performance significantly as the pressure of a gas is proportional to absolute temp and a 40 C increase represents very little on this scale, besides there is mainly fluid in there ( very little disolved gas if any) so dont be concerned.

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