06 Forks

What forks can be interchanged in a 06 450? I am going to ice race this year and I don't want to chop my o6 suspention, so I thought I would get a spare set of forks? Not sure if this is the way to go or not? Are all YZ forks interchangable, or is there a specific year that I should try to get for ice racing? Thanks for your help.

The entire line of 2004 Yamaha YZ models recieved larger diameter 48mm forks. Unless you are going to change out triple clamps as well as the forks, keep this in mind when you go looking.

the 04 forks are completely different then the 05 or 06 there is now twin chambers in the 04 unlike the 05 and 06 models

so try finding a for off and 05 or and 06

The internals may be different but the outer diameter of the forks is the same since '04.

ok... i don't think it would be a problem using an 04, but keep in mind that the fork caps on the 04 are completely different then the 05 or 06

The triple clamps on an '06 are set 2mm farther apart than earlier model 48mm forks ('04 & '05). This is made up for on the '06 at the bottom of the fork by moving the axle lugs in 1mm each so that it can use the same front wheel, etc.

You could use either the '04 or '05 forks in the '06 clamps IF you add a 1mm washer between each fork leg and axle spacer, one on each side.

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