Anyone removed the starter all together?

I've noticed here in oz a few top enduro riders removed the electric start from there WR's possibly to save weight etc. Has anyone done it? What would one need to buy, the left flywheel case and battery eliminator? And does it save much weight?

PM NCmountainman and he can give you the full scoop on his 04 WR450. He removed the air box and put in a new 04 YZ air box which is way better for deep crossings! He found a tappered rubber plug for the starter motor hole and hammered it in to the backside of the cover. He removed all the starter motor & gears, one way clutch, torque limiter, idler starter gear, wiring harness and starter relay/ignition switches and then wired it like a YZ. Total weight savings was around 18 lbs. and was worth it for tight hare scramble racing (he did use a Rekluse to prevent stalling in the races):cheers:

I TRIED that route on a 06 WR450.I weighed everything as it came off.The battery at 4.5 #,the starter and gears ...anoither 4#....misc wireing ,relay and such 1" so the weight saves about #10 lbs at most.It will open the top of the air box to so the engine breathes better also.I have a rekluse in mine and it made it impossible to stall.BUT...

After I went all the trouble i found on the 06 model the engine is EXTREMELY hard to kickstart.It will light with a hard kick or if you push it off and run good afterwards but if it dies it is a beast to restart.Apparantly the battery in the 06 model excites the ignition circuit and helps supply spark to the ignition for startup.As soon as

I put the battery in it would start up easy.If you are going to do it I would remove the battery from your bike and

make sure it fires up to your liking.

THis is just my opinion but I could barly feel the 10# lbs I removed and because it was such a "b#@#" to start I reinstalled everything.I am going to use a slightly smaller battery and mount it lower in the airbox to save a 1# or 2. The loss of the button really sucked IMO.I race enduro's with mine and found the button very handy even with the rekluse.

The WR will "feel" much lighter if you get the suspension(esp the fork working good).Mine feels pretty good except for super tight situations.

The button helps during hare scrambles starts also.I kick and use the button together on the starts.It usually fires during the kick.With kickstart only ....first kickstarts are unlikely all the time and you will be near the back of the pack when you do get it started.

A yz cover will not fit the left case because the Wr flywheel is larger and hence the cover. You will need to plug the stock cover .You could cut off the casting and heli arc it closed for a cleaner package.

Thanks for that sounds like leaving it alone is a good idea! :cheers:

aint that the point of buying a WR ? I wouldnt get rid of the button for any amount of weight!!! F*#; trying to kick start a hot 4 stroke!

aint that the point of buying a WR ? I wouldnt get rid of the button for any amount of weight!!! F*#; trying to kick start a hot 4 stroke!

sheesh. no kidding. if you're that worried about the weight, buy a yz.

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