Simple Green my friend!!!

I must admit that im really into chemicals. I have just about every chemical for my truck and bike you could think of. I recently ran out of (uni) air filter cleaner and really needed to clean my filter before a ride. I decided to put some hot water in a bucket and mix in some Simple Green to see what would happen. To my surprize it worked better that anything I've used before. I've used the "No Toil" stuff and that works great too. But considering that Simple green is so cheap I think it's the best product for the job. I havn't seen any signs of glue melting on the filter or any other problems what so ever. I use Motul filter oil which I've found to be stubborn but no with Simple green it just melts all debris away...

Im curious to see if anyone else has tried this. If not you should give it a try. You can buy a gallon of it for 8 bucks which is much cheaper that the cans that I've bought in the past...

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Simple Green all the way! a few sprays when i get back home and the dirt, mud, crud, grease (oops)...comes right off. I swear by the stuff!


Ditto on the Simple Green. I buy it by the gallon too. :)

It is recomended to wash the filter with hot water and soap now and then. According to that i think using Simple Green has the same (or better) effect.

I use a Simple Green equivalent, made by Denicol (they all use the same technology, and we don't have Simple Green here) and indeed it works GREAT. For years I needed more than 2 hours to clean the bike with all kinds of brushes and sponges......and still not perfect. Now spray, wait , high pressure and in 1 hour it 's as clean as a factory bike. :)

Ditto. I swear by SG, but have never used it on my filters. I always use UNI spray cleaner, and found it to be great. I wonder if using SG will possibly deteriorate the filter over time? Seems like a good way to go. What kind of mixture are you using Dan?

Sounds like to me some other people had problems with the No-Toil melting the glue on the filter. Did I read that correctly?

I had 2 brand new filters seperate when I was using the No-Toil. Then I switched to Maxxima and its a bit harder to clean up but at least my filters last a lot longer.

Hmm, that wild, we were blaming it on faulty filters. :)

So this Simple Green really works eh? I've been using kerosene but its a real hassle. Simple green sounds, shall we say, a lot ...simpler. :D

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I found something better than Simple Green. I used to swear by SG too. Spray the whole bike down and rinse it off. However, I recently switched to the Castrol total cleaner. This stuff cleans better than SG and is half the price. Give it a shot and see what you think. I bet you switch.

dang it I was just pondering the decision to use SG the other day. I had the gallon bucket in my shopping cart, but for some odd reason put it back and bought the Citrus solve stuff. Anybody tried it how does it compare to SG?

:) What is Simple Green, sounds like a description of a eco-hippy! LOL

I always use PJ1 air filter cleaner and PJ1 filter oil, always have..........

I use Simple Green to clean my bike and it works great, but to clean my air filter I use gasoline. It is even cheaper than Simple Green and works perfect. Environmentalists may not approve of how I dipose of the dirty gas, but they don't approve of our dirtbikes either

My 2 cents, Eric


be careful with the castrol super clean. i noticed it dulled the finish on all the alluminum parts on the bike. i never diluted it with water but anything that strong you might want to think twice about.

oh ya, it'll also significantly reduce the life of your air filter as well. That stuff is killer.


in the past, I have always washed filters in Mineral Turps... the stuff you wash Oil-based paint brushes and rollers in... get a metal bucket or tray, wash the filter, squeeze it a few times (never wring it though) and then let it dry, re-oil and you are set... you can let the Turpentine settle for 15mins, then pour almost all of it back into the container for re-use, just discard the crud on the bottom of the bucket...

It has always been very effective and simple enough for me, but then Simple green may be worth a try...


Originally posted by WR_Rider:


be careful with the castrol super clean. i noticed it dulled the finish on all the alluminum parts on the bike.

Ditto with Simple Green. It's known to be

mildly corrosive to aluminum.

Dougie, A long time ago a roommate of mine had a big bottle of Castrol Super Clean in the garage. I owned my DR350s at the time and used it to clean my bike once. I simply sprayed the chemical all over my bike. To my surprize the swingarm was TOTALLY stained!!!!!! For whatever reason it ruined my swingarm. It was dull and faded for ever. I would never use that stuff on my bike.

Darin, I've had filters come unglued from the NoToil product. But I remember using hot or warm water which is probably not recommended. It does work very well however.

I do use the Motul filter oil which can be tough to clean but Simple green and warm water cleans it with no side effects. I can't imagine using mineral spirits or gas and thinking it would be better than a mild cheap cleaner. Im tired of smelling like gas, im convinced that SG is the BEST product for the application.

If you're using different filter oil your results may vary but it will eat up Motul and NoToil oils.

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Thanks Dan. Can't hurt to try it.

I agree. I can stink up the whole house with the smell of gas when I take the filters inside to wash them in the sink.

I'm sold. Next time its simple green for me.

Since you are all sharing your cleaning suggestions, I have a suggestion for getting WHITE number plates clean. The product Softscrub removes scratches, boot stains, etc, but only from WHITE number plates.

I also use the Simple Green. It works great on most everything. I have never notcied any dullness to aluminum from it's use, but I will be more careful now.

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I will definatley be a little cautious. So far no problems. I'll probably start diluting it instead of using full strength.

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