spare parts $$

I was out riding on Saturday and was unlucky enought to get a few metres of rusty fence wire caught up around my rear wheel. Apart from an inconvenient stop halfway up a hill, i didn't give it too much thought and unwound the offending wire with the help of a friend and safely put it to one side.

The next step was to go down to the bottom and start again - uh oh, no rear brakes !! The wire had cut into the rear brake line and fluid was bleeding all over the swingarm. Damn, had to cut the ride short and head back to the car. Next stop was to call and order a replacement - $150+ and a week's delay for an OEM ??

Hmmm, sounds rich to me for a standard brake hose ?? Anyway, after looking at the Ballards catalogue, they have a Stainless Steel Braided line in your choice of color for $129 (nice improvement in quality and price). Next was to look at what's available in the USA - description as follows :

Clear-coat stainless braided hose in a polymer protective coating that sports the color of your make

All necessary fasteners included

Clutch lines for KTM also available; sold separately

Rear lines are not colored

1741-0201 FITS MODEL: WR450F 04-06, HOSE COLOR: Clear, TUBING COLOR: Blue, PLACEMENT: REAR $34.95

I can get this part ordered and posted to my door within 7 days for under $70 AUS. It is no wonder that a lot of us are getting our parts from O/S (USA) and those companies are still making a profit - i guess the world market gives us the choice but it would be nice to see similar products in a similar price ballpark ...

I will be ordering this part Monday morning unless anyone else has any suggestions as to a replacement ?

One thing for sure, Yamaha will not be getting a premium price for a basic stock item.

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