450 body conversion on 426

Hey im thinking about doing the body conversion while ive got my bike torn down for the rebuild and ive read all the posts on here about the conversion but id like to ask, :cheers: do you guys know the rubber strap on the 426 frame that holds the rear of the tank down? Well i was wondering if that strap still works with the 450 tank on the bike. the reason i was wondering is that the mount bolts under the tank on my bike arent there it has the bolts the hold the shround to the radiator on each side and that strap and of course the seat that hold the tank on. well anyways if the 450 tank still utilizes this strap i can use the same for the conversion and not have to make special mounts right? could you guys help me out? thanx alot

sorry, does not work. put a 3.3gal tank on my 450, wanted to put the oem 450 tank on my 426, :cheers: no go.

I already read all of that every page but it doesnt say anything about the strap on the tank thats all i need to know can you still use it on the 450 tank after all the other mods:ride:

n/m guys i got my answer thanx

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