426F..Is the Dr D hot start worth it.

I was looking for a little input on the DR D right side mount hot start is it worth not having to lean over.

once you get the bike jetted properly and the AP modified, you should never need it.

once you get the bike jetted properly and the AP modified, you should never need it.

My 444 is jetted spot on and I still need it...and yes, the Dr D set up is well worth it, wspecially when you're on the side of a really snotty hill and have to kick it.

Definitely worth it. Much less hassle, especially when you're trying to get going in a hurry to catch back up to your buddies. :cheers:

...and you don't have to lean back over when you get it fired to push the button back in. The thumb switch immediatly clicks off for you.

So when in a hurry people just tear off and run the rest of their ride at not optimum performance when they forget.

I might have one for sale if you're interested. Let me know and I'll search my garage for it

First mod I did to my 02 426, well worth the time and low cost. Do watch the plunger for needing lubricant. They will stick as the air inlet design allows water and soap to trickle in and harden. A little BelRay 6-n-1 will keep it loose and a pipe cleaner to keep the orifice on the carb clean.


We used one on the 250F, and liked it. The water intrusion occurs through the cable. The "soap" you see is corroded aluminum. If you ignore this condition, the hot start plunger will stick in the carb, and you'll have a Level 1 mess on your hands. There are two good ways to avoid it.

A) After each wash, or ride if you run in wet conditions, remove the hot start cable nut from the carb, spray a carb cleaner containing alcohol into the plunger bore to eliminate any water, and apply a dab of marine grease.

:p After each wash, start the bike (assuming the air filter is not wet), raise the rpm a little, and open the hot start for 10-15 seconds at a time, 2 or 3 times. This will draw away water from the circuit.

We used option B for 2 years and never once lubed the plunger. No problems. :cheers:

It depends how much you use your hot start, I rarely ever use mine, so for me its not worth it, but if you use it alot, it would save you some hassle.


I have a 2000 yz426, put one on last spring and love it. I race hare scrambles and have been able to start much quicker after fall or flame out. You don't have to go searching around for the button.

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