E-Series how many db?

Can anyone tell me how loud (how many db) the W/B E-Series is and does the loudness alter with different numbers of discs in place? Any help appreciated, thanks....


Not sure about the Db other than it is loud! and yes, more discs equals more Db. I have not been tested with my E-series Promeg but I am fairly certain it will not pass tests done by my local rangers. :)

Keep Roostin'


I read that it has 104db with 12 discs, thats what i am running, and i like it with 10 to 12 discs

After being woken up in the middle of the night by my ringing ears (up to 3 nights later) after a days riding I dumped my e-series. I found ear plugs helped a little. I also found that removing the disks to quieten it really sapped the power. I now run a Staintune. As for your question on dB,- no idea, bloody loud.


:) E Series with 12 discs....Pi**ed off cop accross the street so a quiet core, less power, re-jetting but a happy cop accross the street!

The E series is LOUD! :D

LOL Guy,

I can relate to what you went through... The local (redneck, small-minded) country copper around here knows my Land Rover only too well... it is a V8, with a few tweaks, and a 'sports' exhaust system... it is a bit noisier than your standard taxi... and to them, the noise translates to speed... so they always think I am speeding, and try to nab me when they can... I always get off the tickets, but it is annoying to be a target...

Now, the good thing is they haven't cottoned onto the fact that it is me on the bike, so they haven't been directing their attention to me... The helmet and tinted Scott lenses give me some protection... One day they will work out it is me, but until then, I am free to enjoy riding...

Thanks to ThumperTalk, I won't get a E-series pipe, now I have the experience of others to save me that expensive experiment...

Cheers guys for the info...


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