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Stage 1 or Stage 2

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I am the proud new owner of an 07' DRZS and should have been a long time ago. I am getting ready to mod this thing up but before I do I want insure I get the right carb kit. Should I get the Stage 1 or the Stage 2 dynojet kit? From what I have researched here, I plan on this:

Running between 2000' - 5000' arid desert climate

3x3 cut

136 Main

25 Pilot

Kientech extended fuel screw between 1.5 - 3.0 turns

Open up the stock pipe. (because I like it LOUD!!!!!

I can't seem to find any single piece of information that specifies Stage 1 or Stage 2 for what I plan on doing.



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To my knowledge there is no stage 2 dynojet kit. When you cut the 3x3 hole in your airbox you are basically creating the "burned" stage 2 kit.

Just purchase this dynojet kit:


a 25 pilot jet

and, I think a 155 main jet from the tt store.

Do another search on for "dynojet kit for the SM " to get the proper specifics for the main jet size. I have a S and jetted acordingly to that bike which is a bit different.

Hope this helps.

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Stage 1 is putting the Dynojet needle in and adjusting the main jet for stock or aftermarket exhaust.

Stage 2 is the same as above (with different Main) but with a 3x3 mod

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