400, 600, 650 shock?

I am doing some upgrades to a 94 xr250. Will be adding a 1999 cr125 front end this winter.

I want to also upgrade the rear suspension. I know I can fit the xr400 or xr600 shock into the frame (stuck my buddies xr400 shock in for fitment). My question is which shock would be the more advanced/more adjustable to put in?

why not use the one from the cr125/250????

It was too long. In hindsight, I should have checked to see if it could have been shortened, but at the time I didnt think it would fit due to the gas reservoir being located on the shock body (the stocker is remotely located on the frame).

I currently have installed my buddies xr400 shock for fitment check so I know that the shock body mounted reservoir will fit.

I no longer have the cr shock.

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