Just got a 2000 yz426! Retiring my xr400

Hey I just took a 2000 426 in trade on a truck I was selling. I had just gotten a xr400 not long ago. I had a hell of a time starting the xr400 though. The kick stroke on it is long & it seemed to really fire on the very bottom of the kick. I'm 5'8" & I didn't have much on the bottom end. So I was contemplating turning it into an electric start. I had this guy that called on my truck that had this yz426. It is a little harder to kick but easier at the same time. It takes a real good pop to start the kick. Then it starts easy. 2 kicks with the decomp lever the 1 more without & it starts right up. I'm a little pissed as I haven't got to take it out to ride yet. I threw my paddle on to go to the dunes yesterday but my buddies wife screwed that for me. So it's looking like 2 weeks before I'll get it out of first gear. I really like the feel of the xr400 on the trail. Has anyone had both the xr & the yz? COuld you give me a breakdown of the yz's advantages/disadvantages over the xr? Thanks & I look forward to advice. I also wouldn't mind it sitting a little lower. I really don't want to screw anything up by lowering it. If there is a good way to do it without comprimising how it rides & handles I'd consider it. :cheers:

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