suspension for woods

I have a 2004 YZ450F. My suspension is stock. How do you adjust the clickers for woods riding with hills which contain imbedded rocks? When I am going up a hill, my bike bounces a great deal when I hit rocks which causes me to loose traction and bounce off my intended line. Thanks.

ease up on the compression (left) and add more rebound (right). Do it one at a time and only a click or so at a time until you can tell if it's better or worse than do the other. You may have to reiterate adjusting them until you tweak it in where you like it.

dont forget to bleed the air our of the forks too. and amsoil 10 wt fork fluid is excellent fluid.

plus dont forget to sit up on the tank and squeeze with your legs on the shrouds or be in the attack mode with a low forward position. you dont want your riding position to be the culprit.

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