Ok, 05 YZ-450

I was waiting to get an aluminum frame YZ-450, I have rode a lot of 450's but finally decided to put the 2-stroke away and get a new bike. I really wanted the new frame but got such a good deal on the 05 I could not pass it up. I was sad about giving up my 2-stroke and was kind of not excited about the deal as this is one model I had not ridden much. I must say I was pleasantly surprised Sunday, this bike is much better than I thought it could be at race speed. The bike felt much lighter in the air than expected and with the offset clamps I put on it turned so much better than stock. Already do not miss my 250 smoker and can't wait to get the suspension done and try it then. Only thing I did not like was the super long stock exhaust, it runs well but I would catch a glimpse of that chrome tip sticking out there and think some one was running up on me. Got a DR D comming.

Hell Yeh Man. I Got My 05 About 2 Months Ago And I Couldnt Be Happier. Friggin Thing Wheelies Everywhere. The Guy I Got Mine Off Of Had The Motor Built. Ported And Polished, Cams, And A 13.5:1 Piston. It Sounds Way Different Than A Stocker And Still Has The Stock Pipe. Check Out Bpm Racing Engines. Thats Who Ported It. Revs Super Fast. Change The Gearing To 13/51. Now At My Local Mx Track I Just Leave It In Third Everywhere And Let It Eat

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