I overheated my Bike, will it hurt`

Hey guys, I pulled a dum one today, i was putting my bike away for the winter, so i started her up to let her warm up a bit before changing the oil, then i changed oil, (all4 drain bolts, lol and filter) then started her up, bled her off and then turned off my fuel screw to run her dry, after about 5 minutes i realized she's still running, I forgot to shut off the second fuel peticock on the other side of my Acerbis 3.3 gallon tank, shut it off and then she ran out, but I heard the cooltant boiling over for about a minute after she shut off in the overflow bottle. I started to curse on my stupidity to let this happen. Did any of you guys ever have them boil over in the overflow bottle? what are my changec of warping the head or blowing a gasket?

Final part, Where can i buy an electric fan with temp sesor so i can not let this hapen again......

I pulled the same dumb thing this spring! Coolent boiled over on the driveway etc. I havent noticed anything wrong since. No metal in the oil or anything. It seems fine. I overheated on a long rocky climb once this summer too. nothing.

I too hope there is no problems, especially since I won't notice it now untill riding season (snowmobile season here now, look at the pic). N E one else?


No worry.........I have overheated a wr just idling along...thats what the "overflow is for". Sleep sound.:cheers:

Whew.....I feel better now, thanks guys......

Don't worry I have boiled over a few times riding in the desert....No problems yet. I just fill her up with deionised water and go out agian...

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