RE: Airbox Mods

Hey guys, I removed my snorkel previously and checking out my bike yesterday (wishing I was riding it) I noticed there was still alot of restriction there, so i cut out the rear most part of the breather and it opened it up big time more on top, then i went to the side and cut out the area between the two coutouts that were previously marked out, and removed that to make one large hole, then drilled another just below it, Thought i would post some pics to see if anyone has done anything similar or evem more then me...

Before Pic>


After Pic>


Side Pic>


I opened mine up on top but not on the side. I do a lot of water crossings and figured it would do more harm than good. Do you notice a big improvement in performance?

I don't cross much deep water, dunno about the difference as my bike is parked for the winter, but i had her set up a tad rich so im hoping she will be fine.

not needing any more jetting changes.

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