'04 450 carb mods


I read some questions here before about responsiveness of the 450 on the bottom end. I always thought I would like my bike to pull harder out of the corners than it does stock. I have yet to invest in a pipe and didn't want to touch hot cams or other solutions.

I spoke with a Shock Therapy mechanic recently. He told me about a mod mentioned on TT that fixes the flat spot on the bottom. The mod includes wiring/pinning a part in the accelerator pump. He also suggested that a spring be cut and he had a device replaced -- I think he called it the P28?-- it is at the bottom of the carb, on the inboard side. From the outside you just see a red flange, about an inch in diameter (stock is aluminum just like the carb body). I gave his bike a test ride and it really did have better response. He said the factory has to set them up rich off the bottom to meet some emision requirements?

Anyone accomplished these mods?

I think the mod involving the accelerator is the BK mod. Is the BK mod applicable to the 2004 bikes?


No help?

he is taking about the mod in the honda 450 forum. Look at the sticky that says, "now this is just ridiculous."

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