06 450 skid plate/ glide plate

ya i did take in everyone's advice, but the fact of the matter is that i need some protection to suit my type of riding conditions and terrain. I'm sure it is the same reason that everyone else purchased the plate they did. I ride in some rocky stuff sometimes, and i realy wanted to see those engine sides protected. I realy only ride about 25% track, and 75@ trail. So if i am having an all track day i can just pull it off if the weight difference is that considerable. By the way does anyone know the exact weight difference between a stock plate and the devol plate?

That's understandable. I can't help you with the weight differences, though. I ride 100% trail, and, like I said, weight is just as important to me as it would be to someone riding tracks, because the way I see it, the bike was designed and built to have as little excess weight as possible, but that assumes that the rider is racing it and is willing to pay for new radiators if they wad it up on occasion. So for me the braces are a must have no matter what the weight. I just happened upon the skid plate that I bought and thought it was a good deal, plus the fact that it is carbon fiber and lightweight is a bonus. I like the way CF looks too, so that sealed the deal for me. Where I ride there are tons of BFR's (big f'ing rocks) that threaten my case so it is a necessity to have a skid/glide plate. Plus the plate has frame protection - it extends out to the edges of the frame and all the way up in front and back and is wide enough to protect against almost any impact. Those two things are the only major protective additions I will add to the bike, everything else is pretty much overkill in my book.

Unless you're a pro, i doubt you'd ever be able to tell which skidplate you have on the bike w/o looking at it...just go have fun and enjoy the ride.

i agree. My riding intentions are just to enjoy myself to the fullest extent, while protecting myself and my bike at the same time. I don't race as a profesion, nor do i have an unlimited amount of money to dump into my bike if i break it every weekend. So if a skidplate adds even 10 more pounds to my bike it will still be lighter than my 400 was.

Try Yamaha . I put a yamaha skid plate on my bike and it fits perfect, and priced resonably.

I've got the GYTR, bolts on nice just watch with the Aluminum to aluminum chaffing that it can do. Put something in between the lower frame rails the the skid plate.

I had some serious fitment problems with the GYTR Motocross skidplate, however, the Works is awesome. I'm rocking nothing though.

i had some fitment issues with the gytr as well. &%$#@! is that about?

Just installed GYTR Glide Plate and Water Pump Guard....All I can say is "LIKE A GLOVE"

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