RK chain tool

A local government postal representative just dropped off an RK chain tool on my doorstep this morning. It seems like a good solid tool. Now I'm gonna go do my first chain swap in the driveway.

I figured with three bikes and one chain per bike every two years at $20-30 shop fees per chain, this little thing'll pay itself off in a few years.

Tool cost: $90 shipped

New chain: $85

DIY with a six-pack in the garage: Priceless

I'm with you, on that. I've had one of these for 5 years now, and it works super. I still like to grind the heads off the links I'm pressing out, to keep wear and tear to a minimum. Before that, It seemed like the tool had to really work, to push them out. Maybe I just like the sparks.......

Yep, it's a good tool.

Wow $90:eek: I only paid $16.95 for mine and yes I also grind down the pins to ease the stress on my breaker and it has been working fine for some 20+yrs!:cheers:

I'm not familiar with the rivet style chains. I've had non-ring chains where the master link plate just slips on. I've had ring style chains where the plate took quite an amount of pressing. I've always been able to do it using a vice-grip plier and a small nut for relief on the pin. I have had the spring clip pop off and it stayed together. It stayed together for a long time since I found it when replacing the chain.

Are the rivet style chains another step up in difficulty in installation? Like forget the vice grip method and get the proper tool? Does the installer actually mushroom the head of the pin when it installs the plate or does it just press the plate on. I like the idea of a very secure master link.

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