Chain Education

So I need a basic chain education. I'm solid on the whole x-ring, o-ring, standard debate but what's up with the 420,428,520's ? I've got a '99 YZ400, what was stock? Anychance a previous owner changed it up? The reason I need a new chain is because I over-shortened the previous one:banghead: . I was shortening it because after I installed a 13 tooth front sprocket the adjusters were maxed out and the play was too much. So I tell myself it was streched and probably needed to be replaced anyways. But I don't know enough about chains to pick out the correct new one.

Standard is 520. That means the chain has a pitch (the distance from one pin to the next) of 5/8", and an internal width of 1/4". 525 and 530 chains are the same pitch, but are wider at 5/16" and 3/8" respectively, and they would not fit properly due to their width.

420 and 428 chains are 1/2" pitch, and are far too small to be used on your bike.

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