Thoughts on YZ400f

Theres a 98 yz 400 f for sale at a local dealers and im not very familiar with this bike. I think it was yamahas first attempt at 4 stroke engines. I was wondering what owners of this bike thought of it. Im guessing that its a little on the heavy side but im used to that, I own a 1999 TTR 250. I'm looking for something that could be brought to the track occasionaly and be ridden in trails most of the time. I have no problems handling power and riding all out. Im young and in good shape and I love a bike that'll kick the crap outta me by the end of the day as long as i'm haulin ass. So any thoughts on the machine by anyone who has driven one or better yet owned.

Well, let's see...they're strong, reliable, and cheap. What's not to like?

The downside, other than the weight and lack of suspension refinement (relatively speaking), is their age, but that should be offset somewhat by their price. If not, skip it and get a 426. Lighter, newer, even faster, and still pretty cheap these days.

I love my '99. My single best advice for this bike is practive starting it in your driveway the night before you ride! You don't wanna be learning the starting drill while all your buddies roost it up on the track. If you do a quick search on the forum you can learn everything you want to know about this bike. For some common mods check out motomans website

When that bike came out is was the best 4 stroke race bike ever made. It is heavier and wider than the new bike but will have much more power and better handling than what your on now. I had an 01 426 and loved it.

In the Canadian equivalent of U.S. Dollars, realistic asking prices in the western U.S. are between $1950 and $2400. They often sell for less than $1800 Cdn.

My first thumper was a '99 YZ400. It didn't turn on a dime but the engine was GREAT! Honestly, I'd rather have that engine than the current 450's. It's power is just right. Very easy to ride at whatever speed you want to go. It'll chug along or haul butt and you can wheelie for miles. A very smooth, bulletproof engine. As far as the chassis, it's really not bad, especially if you're not a serious racer.

I never had a problem starting mine unless it was after a pretty good wipeout. Just follow the drill:

1. never turn the throttle when it's hot (if cold blip it two or three times)

2. kick it over slowly until you find top dead center

3. return the kick starter to the top

4. kick it HARD

I rarely even had to use the hot start button. Speaking of that, if you do have to use it often get a handlebar mount hot start kit. Much easier to access.

Just a quick addition, When starting my 98' YZ400, I earlier wanted to kick as fast as I could and wondered why it wasn't starting very well, now I've slowed my kick down just a bit and have developed a more deliberate even stroke instead of a violent snap, buy the bike, love it, pass it on

My 'ole 99 YZ400 was the first thumper for me as well. I have to agree with pretty much EVERYTHING everybody else said. Yes, it's heavy, but I think the power is a bit more tractable than my KTM 450.

Hey, still have the bike, it's my street legal supermoto now. That motor IS bulletproof. If you just take care of it, it will take care of you.

As far as the "drill" for starting. You can get a new exhaust cam with the auto-decompression built in. Eleminating the need for the decompression lever portion of the drill. Just kick away like you do on the new thumpers. Also there are a few free mods that can be done on it to make things a little better.

search for Blue wire mod!!!

Buy it!

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