James Dean's Jetting Guide 2002

There is something new out on jetting!



[ August 29, 2002, 09:37 PM: Message edited by: James Dean ]

Way to go jd. As soon as paypal is up and running for me, a few bucks are on their way to NH Kevin first and formost then 19.95 to yourself.

I truly am amazed at what has been shared by yourself and others on this website and such a tool for such a small cost will be well worth it.

Have a merry christmas

Thanks Missile!

Okay, am I the first to get one? Very nicely done Jim!

If you want to get the facts about your jetting options, that includes comparsion charts for the specific combinations you are considering, then this is a great tool for you.

For all the information you've posted in the past, and this new tool - Thanks Jim!

I dont get it James? Am I supposed to send you payment first then you email me the spread sheet? or is there something on this page I am missing ?

I have ABSOLUTELY no problem paying the money, I am just confused here....id pay ya even if there never was a spreadsheet....your advice has been that good, although the backfire on decelleration and popping/hesitation at constant 1/8 to 1/4 throttle is back and bugging the hell out of me see my profile for current settings....do I need to get this spreadsheet to figure this all out? will it help me?

THanks JD, I am sending you the money anyway cause you deserve it!

P.S. James

I am at sea level in Southern Cali and Ride between sea level and 2000 feet.

Send Jim the money, and he will e-mail the spreadsheet. Took about 15 minutes this weekend (but I was just lucky, I think). You'll like it I think!

I agree with you Teamscream with all the good advice Jim has provided, the spreasheet was just a bonus. Enjoy!


Check your in-box, it should be there now!

I left the spreadsheet on the page with graphs with your own jetting from the profile. Key in alternate settings in the GRAY BOXES if you want. I suspect temperatures have dropped some and keyed in 10 and 20 degree changes with some possible settings. Try richening the pilot screw and a richer clip position. The main is already on the high end from what most are running, reduce it or keep it as-is.

Have Fun!


This is a beautiful thing JD.


I look forward to reaping the fruits of your labor.

I can't believe this wasn't done long ago.

Did you get to know Uichi at Keihin Usa?

He's a great guy, and another friend worked there from 92-99.

thanks again, Bill


Glad you like it! I don't know the people at Keihin-USA. This is an independent assessment based on measured dimensions within Keihin carbs. The charts and graphs they provide don't make it easy for the average rider. This is intended to bridge the gap and help everyone to understand jetting changes. We all ride in different conditions and have different levels of experience. The hope is that the tuning guide will help you be able to choose the power delivery for your needs, smooth for easy trails and hard hitting for racing


[ December 25, 2001: Message edited by: James Dean ]

Got it James THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are most appreciated here! I will be making these changes this week so that I can give them a flogging this weekend in the canyons.

Thank YOU!

I will let you know what I find!


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