YZ450F for the desert.

Hey guys,

I just sold my 2003 XR650R and I am picking up a new 07 YZ450F this weekend. I am really excited to be back on a bike that doesn't way 300 lbs. I race desert and was wondering if you guys had any recomendations for bike setup (mainly what skid plate I should by and what gearing you would recomend). I already have a damper and IMS tank. Has anyone raced a YZ450F in the desert? I would love to here from you.


I like my works connection but it doesn't cover the water pump. I would keep it stock gearing - unless you are doing lots of single track then maybe I would bump it up to a 50T. Stock gearing will make the bike do about 85mph.

I changed the swingarm guard and chain guide with TM Designworks.

I ride/race in Northern California/Nevada. For the Nevada desert I added the GYTR off-road flywheel and went up 2 teeth in the rear. There's some tight stuff up there and the bike still has plenty of top speed...75+mph.

I did a test ride on a brand new 06' YZ450F a couple weeks ago. Most of the stuff I ride is single track so I was looking to ditch the heavy WR weight without going 2 smoker, and try to stay thumper.

The 06' YZ was setup just how I wanted, GYTR light flywheel (5oz) desert tank, stabilizer, hand guards, 18" rear wheel, Yoshi pipe with quiet insert, Boyseen Quick Shot, Zip Ty jet kit, Geared 14/49 (stock 13/49).

My biggest concern is how well it would lug in tight nasty single track, and in flowing trail. I was amazed it did really well, and when you needed the power it was there. The guy I borrowed it from was awesome, he dropped the bike off, and said bring it back later...Have fun! I couldn't decide between a 07' WR and 07' YZ, but this ride made up my mind! The 07' YZ is waiting at the shop, just need to sell both of the bikes I have now!

I have a 2005 yz450, what gearing would you all suggest? I race District 38 and its mostly fast.

It is pretty fast for the most part, but you know they toss in some nasty stuff back in the mud hills or the Superstitions here and there, too.

With the '03 I had, I ran a 15/49, compared to 14/48 stock. But your '05 has a different primary ratio, and was originally geared 14/51, so to do the same thing, you'd either use 14/49 or 15/50. You'll still feel like you run out of gears, but you do need to keep from making low gear too tall. Go a tooth higher that these if you want to try it.

You could swap a '03-'06 WR450 5 speed into it, but that's a lot of money to spend on an '05 these days.

I have a 2005 yz450, what gearing would you all suggest? I race District 38 and its mostly fast.

I race out there too (#186) on my 08 YZ and I have been running 14/46 for really wide open stuff. But for the national B loop tight stuff i run 13/52. I have two chains as one won't do it without two master links. Which isn't a good idea, more to break....

I have been out with a shattered wrist this summer. Hope to see you out there soon. :bonk:

Thanks for all your input guys :bonk: I guess I'll just keep the 14/48 i've been running for the last 4 years :bonk: and see you out at the races muscle:cheers:

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