new 650L questions

I brought home a new 07 650L piggie today, and de-smog plans are in the workx. Thankx to this forum, and the great guys at XR's Only, I will be dialed in very quickly. I have a few other questions.

1. How do you disable the clutch and kick stand switches?

2. Does anyone make small off-road turn signals that plug into the stock harness without splicing?

3. I want to mount aluminum hand guards on the bars, does anyone make shorty levers that work with the stock perches?

4. Who makes the stiffest suspension springs available?

5. Are there any smaller/lighter battery options?

6. Can I go bigger on the rear sprocket with the stock chain? How many more teeth do I have room for?



1.Kick stand switch is easy, but the two wires have to be cut, and spliced together to make it work. Clutch switch has a diode under the tank that has to be removed and wired around. You should get a good wiring diagram, before you start.

2. All the ones I've seen, the wires are too short to plug right in, in the rear, but usually there's enough in the front.

3. I use Acerbis hand guards....I just shorten up the levers. You don't need the nice ball on the end of the lever, with handguards.

4. Don't know. Check with Race Tech?

5. I've used an Interstate YTX5L-BS, their part number M332X-5B, with great success. I needs some fab work (different hold down strap, and longer positive post lead (the terminals are reversed), but it saves a couple of pounds.

6. I have used a 48T, with no problems. Stock length chain, and c/s sprocket. It is close to being as far forward as it can, though. Maybe 49, or 50 would still work....

This is based on an '02 XR650L, that I've had for four years.

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