1991 suzuki dr 250

Have a chance to buy a 91 dr250. What should I look for? What is the after market like? Has very low miles and they are asking $1700.00. Is this a good price? Thank you all in advance.

Nothing specific to check, just the usual stuff. They are really soild bikes, super reliable. Price is about right, not a steal but not a bad price either, esp if its in great shape.

Its the same bike as a DR350S externally, only shrunk engine internals differ (shorter stroke crank, smaller bore sleave and head and CB shaft to accomodate) so most all DR350S aftermarket stuff fits.

I agree that it's a great bike, but I would disagree with the price. Just my opinion but I think you could find a later model 350 for 1700. 91 250 around here would go for around 1200. HOWEVER, this all depends on where you are and what the market is like right now. If it is really clean and nice, talk em down as much as you can and buy it. Don't fret over a few hundred if it is something you really want.

If you do buy the bike, you'll want to get it all uncorked. It will never thump down low like a big-bore bike. But with the airbox mod and re-jetting it really runs great when you wind it up. Call Jesse Kientz at (541) 472-0835. He can hook you up with everything you need. http://www.kientech.com

Good luck.



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