Radiator fix

Went out on a ride, a dr tore open his rad. If this happens to me with th WR (06), how much hose do I need? And what do I need ie. hoses clamps etc. to run with just 1 radiator? I live in Nv. and might be a ways away from cell phone coverage

How much and what size hose do i need to carry with me?

John in Vegas

Heard some guys use pepper when the holes are small...dunno if it works, haven't had the pleasure of using it myself :cheers:

I too ride in Nv., Fallon. Your not going far with one rad. Charge the cell phone before ride. I have used J.B. Weld for small fixes and it's still on. You can field repair with this stuff, use camel back water to top off and ride.

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