Timing chain sprockets

When replacing my timing chain I noticed some minor wear on the timing chain sprockets, upper and lower. Should these sprockets be replaced when you replace the timing chain?

Thanks for your advice in advance.

I would replace chain and sprockets as a set....:cheers:

What bike are you working on...?


Sorry, XR600

I think that standard practice it always to replace any chain and sprockets as a set. However, I didn't when I replaced my timing chain. I started to get timing chain slapping noises. When not running everyhting seemed fine. I decided to replace the tansioner and the chain. My sprockets looked OK so I did not replace them. However, I have never seen a new cam chain sprocket to compare them to. When I compared the old chain to the new one, the lengths were almost identical. It was my tensioner that failed. The center shaft on the tensioner had some very minor wear marks, but I guess that it was enough to cause it to fail.

I use the old sprockets for the first new cam chain replacement. If I wear that one out, I replace the whole set, haven't had any problems with this practice.

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