The ultimate fix for graphics bubbling problems (maybe)

Well, it's been a few months of hot weather. Riding the piss out of it, and guess what? The graphics still look as good as the day I applied them (Yes, I ended up putting the graphics on the tank. I tried just the shrouds first. I looked kind of weird, so I went all in!!)

No Bubbling at all. Mind you, this thing isn't playing in the dirt anymore. It's main job is terroizing local parking lots and twisty roads.



You have a machine to be proud of no doubt!!!

The graphics are bitchin!!!

What gearing are you running? That thing must get it on in high gear!!!!

Very inspitational must ride with pride when your out on that sweet thing...I am jealous!!!!


The tank cover and fork guards are pure sex!!!!! Amazing I think I might have to try that out.

Check out my '01 250 moto crosser has heaps of home made carbon wear...just finishing a hand made seat base and foam with custom handmade cover.

You did a great job whalerboy!!!!

what is holding it on to the tank?? or is it just molded right on there?

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