side engine covers

hello all, I crashed my xrl yesterday destroying the left side clutch cover. No biggie, but to replace it will be about $135.00 in parts. In order to avoid this from happening again are there any protective engine covers out there. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. :cheers:

I have some case protectors from SRC but I'm not sure if they still make them.

FV, was it dropped on the ground, or an obstacle?

I have a fair sized skid-plate and the stock guards still in place, and that's about as good as you can do without some customizing I think.

Hey, where in NY? I'm near Cortland.


Fall on the other side?

Dave, I dropped it hard on the left side smashing it into the asphaltsending the shift lever into the clutch cover. Total bummer, I had the 650l for about a week trying to do the stupid crap I did as a kid 20 years ago on a MX bike. Anyway lesson learned. I live in Clayton, just north of Watertown.

Clayton! hey, in the northeast forum check out the tug hill threads.



I was checking those out last night. I am really new to this forum so I am still getting used to it. Great site for info. I just bought thatXR650l like one week before I wrecked it. I have some plans on turning it into a supermoto bike in the future but I think I am going to start off with modifying the powerplant first. Dave what kind of skid plate do you have????

Its the one from Utah sport cycle.

You can mount it with or without the stock tube guards.


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